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Re: Distal clavical excision?

Originally Posted by Paul Coplin View Post
Bryan and Everett,

Do you think I could start a fire academy within 3 months of the surgery? After a year and a half of testing, I made it to #27 in a large department, and feel I have a good chance, if not for my shoulder.
I don't know what kind of demands the fire academy will place on you. I do know that I was able to pick up some fairly heavy boxes within a couple weeks. The doctor never found out about that, though, and my co-workers thought I was crazy.

Your surgeon would have a better idea than I, although he would probably be pretty conservative. There is a ligament that holds the distal end of the clavicle in place. If your surgeon does what mine did, the bone is cut outside of the ligament -- in other words, what gets cut off is, for lack of a better word, nonfunctional. It is just in the way. The surgery did not affect the stability of the clavicle. The healing in my case was simply the healing of the incision that was used to take the bone out -- in other words, all I had was basically a deep cut. I had no rotator cuff issues that required additional surgical activity. If that's all that you have, then I would give a layman's guess that you could do the fire academy in three months. If you have other problems in your shoulder, things might be very different, though.

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