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Re: Distal clavical excision?

I had that surgery. (FYI, I seem to be a poster child for virtually every form of orthopedic surgery -- not that I wanted to be.)

It's been quite a while, but as I recall it was one of the easier recoveries (as opposed to the hip, knee, and foot). A couple weeks in a sling, staples removed on schedule, a little physical therapy, and I was back at it full tilt in about two months. Your mileage may, of course, vary.

It was very successful at alleviating my shoulder pain (which was caused by arthritis and bone spurs). The surgery opened up the joint enough so everything could move with out dragging over some stalactite hanging down from the clavicle.

I will warn you that it takes a little getting used to the visuals -- your symmetry will be gone, because they take off the "bump" at the end of the clavicle. But you will have a cool scar on the top of your shoulder . . .
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