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Distal clavical excision?

I've been battling a shoulder problem since last year. I;ve had pain in the front/top of my left shoulder, and after a round of Ibubrofen (1 month), one cortisone injection, and 7 months of trying to take it easy and PT exercises, it's still problematic. I'm VERY close to getting hired as a career firefighter, and as it is I'm afraid my shoulder won't let me last through an academy.

The MRI only showed inflammation of the AC joint. Because of my profession the doctor says the ultimate cure will be surgery. So I have the procedure scheduled for this week, an open distal clavicle excision (removing some of the clavicle), along with some exploratory diagnostic arthroscopy to inspect everything (supraspinatus, bursa, and rotator cuff).

Question is, has anyone had this done? What was your healing time?

The doc says I should be at 95% in three months, but there could be pain for several after that. He also said that after that three months, there won't be much I can do to reinjure it, and could work through the pain. Any experience with this? Thanks!
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