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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

Originally Posted by Barry Cooper View Post
You know, I think it's worth dialling in a bit who the enemy here is. Broadly speaking, it is ignorance, and anyone who wants to manipulate ignorance for their own ends. Anyone who is selling a competitive product and making blanket, inaccurate claims about our product, is the enemy.

However, the people caught in the middle, the Air Force, or Navy, or Army Chain of Command, they are not being unreasonable in wanting things like qualified instructors leading CrossFit PT, or some sort of cost/benefit/risk assessment. The caveat is that if we do in fact perform well on those sorts of risk assessments, and CrossFit type programming is still not adopted, then something other than a pure desire for efficacy--read doing right by our troops--is in play.

The task then becomes to sort out what those (presumably political) factors are.

As I read these emails, one immediate concern is the use of the ACSM to vet our program. They didn't invent it, and in point of fact the past programs--which they presumably did vet--didn't work anywhere near as well as CrossFit. Do you go to the doctor whose sick room is always full, or the one whose patients head out the door after one visit and never return?

Upon what concrete accomplishment, one might wonder, does the presumed expertise of the ACSM rest? Publishing? Pervasiveness? Reputation?

One thing about the military, is you are running people across the globe, through potentially EXACTLY the same PT every day, or as many controlled variations as you want. If there is a better field within which to conduct controlled experiments in the realm of physical fitness for the "masses", I don't know what it is.
I've done the experiment Barry with my last detatchment. I took people who were overweight and just finishing up cancer chemo, completely out of shape and skinny fat, and those already in shape, and got them all to well above average fitness using CrossFit methodology. I didn't get in their face, and I tailored each workout to the different levels of their fitness.

The result? Everyone passed their fitness test with a 90% or higher rating (myself and my LT got 100s), and they all learned how to properly squat, deadlift, run, row, etc....over the course of about 8 months.