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Re: Military leaning away from CrossFit?

Coach, your approach was warranted without a doubt, but "Impementing?" "Errorneously?" I at least appreciate that you retracted your own attack on the man's spelling...

On a more serious note, I have a limited perspective on it, but it seems like every base I go to and everywhere I look, somebody's doing Crossfit. They may not know everything about it, and they may have reservations (usually involving the words 'unsafe,' 'crazy,' or 'weird'), hell, they may only be doing a workout a friend gave them with no idea what's behind it, but the knowledge is out there. USNA has started a "combat fitness" sport program which has, in part, CF instructors from the local area coming in to teach proper movement and explain the philosophy, and they're doing a great job.

It wouldn't surprise me if "big military" never 'officially' adopted Crossfit. It sounds too revolutionary, too counterculture for an organization that defines itself oftentimes by its conservatism and tradition. Individual units will pick it up as they realize how effective it is, and for now, that's what we need. Data points. Success stories.
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