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Re: Charles Poliquin on Crossfit

Originally Posted by Phillip Garrisonq View Post
Exactly how is the NSCA doing more harm than good? They are an organization which is actively sharing info and reseaerch and constantly trying to improve the science and practical application of sports performance.
Just wanted to refer you to 2 Journal articles - February 2007 "Conventional Wisdom and the Fitness Industry" by Mark Rippetoe and April 2007 "What is Meaningful" by Lon Kilgore Ph.D. Have a read (or re-read).

I understand your thinking for researching and studying exercise protocols but as came out in your discussion with Robb Wolf there are very few effective and well produced studies especially by the NSCA.

To quote Mark Rippetoe on Strength Mill......"I have a study on my desk that claims to investigate the effectiveness of the valsalva during training, the exercises of which consist of knee extensions and flexions, shoulder abductions and adductions, and elbow extensions and flexions. All done on machines. All composed of single-joint pattycake bulls**t. None of which have any component of spinal loading, the very thing the valsalva stabilizes.

This is the kind of s**t that caused me to drop my CSCS."

Also there are issues of who is producing these studies....

To quote from "Conventional Wisdom"...."For example, Volume 20, number 4 of the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a total of 42 papers, five (12%) of which list the editor-in-chief as a co-author, and 17 (40%) of which list associate editors (the ones doing the peer reviewing) as authors, either singly or in groups. One associate editor is listed on five papers. Another associate editor has 11 of his 14 published papers (according to the National Library of Medicine’s catalog) published in the JSCR. The editor-in-chief has published 11 of his past 25 authored or co-authored articles in this journal. This level of cronyism is not
the norm for most reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals, most of which are concerned less about the number of papers they publish and more about their quality and academic reputation."

"What is Meaningful" also demonstrates through numerous examples that many studies produce programs far less effective than being carried out by people coaching in the real world.

I think Crossfit is one of the few programs producing a huge quantity of easy to understand, open and useful information from an outstanding and ever expanding pool of top quality experts.