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Re: Charles Poliquin on Crossfit

Originally Posted by Phillip Garrisonq View Post
Ahhh yes the old, if you don't agree than you obviously don't understand CF argument. Let me ask you specifically, what is the main reason for doing an explosive movement like cleans and snatches and learning proper technique in these lifts?
AKA: Why would anyone do something extra? LOL Seriously, with a questions like this, you are only pushing people away from Poliquin ("mainstream") and towards CF. You see, it really is as simple as we say it is. In fact, your points have devolved into "why do anything at all?" questions.... Going by your responses, it is quite obvious that you have no clue what you are talking about . I would agree that closing this thread is a good idea. There is no point allowing people like Phillip the opportunity to perpetuate mindless drivel.

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