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Affiliation process

Here's my problem. Because of the popularity of Crossfit, there are lot of people wanting to get in on the action and start an affiliation. Is there currently any way of determining if a specific area is being looked at or at the least in the process of someone becoming an affiliate? if not, can this be created?

I've been researching and looking for a place in a certain area for the last couple month and i am very close to signing a lease. Just today i found out that someone else has been looking at the same area and they might be close to signing. Since Crossfit HQ does not limit affiliates in a certain area, it would be really really nice to be able to know and more importantly able to communicate with those looking in the same area.

I'm sure most of the affiliates here understand how hard is to find a spot that can work for what we want to do especially if you are here in the LA area. Because of the permit issues, it is almost impossible to find a spot suitable for a gym so for me to spend 2-3 month to find a place just to find out that someone else has done the same and is ready to open an affiliate in the same neighborhood... sucks.

Last thing i want is to sign a 3 year lease just to find out that someone else did the same down the street.

any thoughts or suggestions?

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