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Re: after some help for my wife

Read your post again, another couple of comments. I once felt funny in a run and asked for a stress test. As a runner I insisted it be done on a treadmill, not a bike so it was done at Murdoch SJOG. When I got there the woman took me up to some pathetic heart rate and then stopped so I got stuck into her! I explained I was a runner and had these symptoms when running so I needed a decent stress test, at my normal running herat rates and above. After a few odd looks I got what I wanted. She did the proper one where they lift the incline every 1-2 mins and keep going till you see stars. Got my HR up to 197 I think it was. So that was fine - just stick out for what you want.

I went and saw one Perth cardiologist with Mum (for her). He was totally useless I wonder if it was the same one. :_: Mum was blacking out from low BP - he didn't seem to think it was an issue. Even though I'd taken the trouble to monitor Mum's BP through the day for several days and present him with the data!

Another thought, I have recently seen Carmel Goodman at the Superdrome for my back issues. She was good - she's a sports med doc and exercise physiologist. I had previously seen two docs and got no where.

BTW - isn't it ironic two Perth people discussing stuff on a US website - oh the wonders of the net!

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