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Re: Cost for Home Gym?

Awesome Gym, no Bull**** just a place to kill yourself in, is that the Yukon GHD?

Originally Posted by David Sailor View Post
Here's a link,WFS, to Picassa which has about 20 pictures of my basement gym:

The main area is 12' x 13' and is where most of the workouts take place. The other area is about 7' x 12' and that's where the treadmill, rower, GHD, boxes, etc are either stored or used.

I started out with what I though was most important and then just added over time. The squat rack, since I lift by myself was the first. I also do all my pullups from it. Then bumpers and a bar were next, followed by rings and boxes. I don't have a lot of room but there's just enough to do the workouts.
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