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Sam Streck
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My home gym is a Macgyver Gym

I am setting up a home gym on a budget and this is what I have got so for. This here is what may end up being my long use bench press. It does flat and incline right now Another shot of the mattress and what's being used to hold it up This is the Weider Bench that I am going to put together probably tomorrow or latter today more likely.
These next two are the cool part of this setup. The PVC pipe allows me to traditional squat and deadlift. I squat by tying string around the bags holding the weights, and the endtables there hold 90lbs easily. The strong dangles a little, probably around 12-20 inches, I have to measure it still I have two of them, so I can do at least 180lbs. I deadlift by tying my longest bag to the pole and I can grip the pvc pipe in a normal grip for a deadlift.
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