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WOD thoughts on "As prescribed" with rest vs "Scaled" straight through

I've been meaning to ask this, and the companion thread to this (intensity vs high score) reminded me to ask this question:

When doing a "timed scoring" WOD like Fran, Linda, etc... Do you think it is more important to do them as prescribed, breaking sets up and taking breaks to recover (because otherwise you would hit failure multiple times and have to rest anyhow), OR to scale the weight or exercise down to a workout that you can *barely* complete in one continuous workout with no rest?

Basically, let's look at Fran:

Thrusters: I can *do* 95lb thrusters, but no way I'll do 21 of them without resting. If I scale it down to 75lbs, I can do them straight through, more likely 70 lbs or less to make sure I can finish all the sets continuously.

Pullups: When I'm fresh, I can pop off 15 pullups and MAYBE push it to 21... maybe (but don't forget I'd already be huffing from doing 21 thrusters, so I'd more likely get in about 8 pullups and have to rest at this point). If I kept pushing, my next set would suffer horribly because I would have fried myself, and I might only be able to get 3 or 4 in. Then I'd be struggling to finish the 21, let alone the 15 and 9 that are still to come.

So, would it be of more benefit to people if they were to scale these types of workouts so they could finish them in a continuous set? Like for me that'd be maybe 70lb thruster, and jumping pullups (ideally I'd slap on a 20lb or more weight somehow for the pullups though, as regular jumping pullups are way too easy at this point for me, it'd be very little benefit)

It'd kinda be like in the CFJ where they recommended approaching your rowing goals from different angles (time focus, distance focus, etc...) Maybe we could even figure out what weight we need to scale down to to get a sub-3:00 Fran and hit it, just to feel what it's like. Then build up from there.
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