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As with most equipment, I made my own. I took two cheap plastic fat orange wiffleball bats from wal-mart, slit an "X" in the end of the handle and filled with sand. This takes a while, is messy and you must tap the bat down on a hard surface to get the sand to settle. The last 2-3 inches are filled with all purpose epoxy/sealant. Let the epoxy dry overnight. They weigh 12lbs. each. It doesn't sound like much until you start to swing them.
I assume you could fill them with lead shot used for loading shotgun shells. This would weigh a lot more, but may be unsafe.

I generally just play with the clubbells. I think they are a great piece of equipment, especially for forearm and grip strength.

One particular exercise I like is to do is swing the clubs up to shoulder level, hold and squat. Once standing, swing down and repeat numerous times. Watch your shins on the way down.

Train Hard!
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