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Serving a search warrant about 6 months ago...we had a couple to do on this day, for this case. Turns out our team leader for the site I was on had given away our entry gear (key and hulligan bar)...but he's a bigass dude, I mean BIG dude....

We stack at the door, he knocks and announces...covered windows at the front door, and one corner is lifted up with a pair of beedy eyes looking back at us. Then it disappears.

Our TL yells "He's running!" and starts BASHING down the door with is body. Takes him maybe 2 seconds to crack the door in half, then kick out the bottom of the door...we flow into the place. There are bedrooms to the right, and a family room to the left.

I just remember stopping for a fraction of a second because something was weird...then keep going to the left. Clear the dining room and kitchen, then I'm outside (out the back)...looking back at the house...and there's glass everywhere. I realize that the back window is broken...then I hear yelling and see 4 of our perimeter locals dealing with one of the guys on the ground.

Turns out Mr Smartypants saw our bigass guy at the door, decided to run...we knocked the door, the noise I heard was him running, jumping and doing the "Superman" out the back bedroom window (thankfully for him, they hadn't put in double pane glass yet like the rest of the house) and landing on a bike, lawn mower and back seat of a mini van. He then tried to get up and run, but was blocked by the barrel of the local's which point he proceeded to **** his pants. Hilarious.

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