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high frequency Powerlifting/upping volume

High Frequency Powerlifting:

Right now BW wise I walk around 230, but in the next 5-6 months I will be dropping weight for a competition as a 93kg.

background, I come from a mostly bodybuilding background but about 2yrs ago I transitioned to Powerlifting. Westside and Cube Method are really the main thing of what i've done, with westside I found I did not progress well, and lots of nagging little injuries would occur.

With Cube Method I took my lifts from 385 squat, 250 bench, 450 deadlift to 480 squat (due to nagging piriformis issue i've only hit 450 recently), 320 bench and 590 deadlift.

I know bench press is clearly a weakness for me (repaired pec tear 2011) and I would like to seriously increase it and bring it in line with my other lifts. Goals for 2015: Squat 525, Bench 375, Deadlift 650.

I am wanting to change over to a dedicated 4-5 day training plan, Russian/eastern european/norwegian type program. squatting and benching 3+ times a week, as well as DL twice a week. In preperation for this i've been doing 3-5 sets of 3 at 75-80% pretty much 5 days a week, x1 squat variation per day, x1 push variation per day, x1 pull variation per day (DL, RDL, Cleans, etc)

The trouble I am having is actually finding a program or way to progress training in high frequency. By that I mean I am uncertain as to how to arrange/setup from week to week progression.

I am considering the Texas Method advanced Split for powerlifting, BUT last time I tried the regular Texas Method, I got bored big time AND it took forever to get done in the gym, I also stopped progress pretty abruptly, knowing what I know now after reading more I wouldn't be doing the same setup/volume.

Any help would be appreciated! I am reading as much as I can!
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