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Re: crossfit equipment advice

Originally Posted by Jeffbmitchell View Post
Im wanting to start crossfit at home. And im wanting to buy battle ropes im thinking 1.5 x 50 foot. Also what is the normal size that I need for slam balls, wallball. And also what sizes of kettlebells. Im 6'2 280 very overweight and want to start off with this stuff I already have a bar and weights. But interested in this stuff for now. Thanks for your help guys
Slam balls just starting out? I'd go 20lb...
Wall ball for men is 20lb, but maybe get a 20lb and 10lb
Kettlebells... again i'd get a range of 8kg, 16kg and 24kg and grow into it.
I went with a local supplier, but they sell online too WFS

Maybe just get the lighter stuff to start, then grab a few heavier items in a few months once you feel comfortable. best of luck man!
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