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Re: crossfit equipment advice

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
Battle ropes are two things: 1) Expensive, 2) extremely overrated. On a relative basis, the return on investment in terms of cost per utilization and workout versatility, the battle ropes are a one trick pony.
There is some truth to this. Battle ropes have different exercises that work the body in mostly similar ways. It may have limited versatility, but I really enjoy using it as part of my warm up. It starts out being great for arms, shoulder, abs, and once you add jump squats or lunges it's great for legs too.

The battle rope wasn't high on my wish list. I got a bunch of other stuff before I got my battle rope.

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
Sleds, battle ropes, yokes, tractor tires, atlas stones, etc etc etc, so many of these things are only useful for one movement type, and not worth the investment.
Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
1) Depends on how much you invest in said piece of equipment, and,
2) I don't necessarily agree that all of those examples are useful for only one movement type. For example, my Rogue yoke is one of my more versatile pieces of equipment. It's also one of my more expensive pieces, but its versatility and quality makes it more than worth the $.
Some equipment may have limited versatility, but it's worth it if that's the best way to do a given exercise. Can you do sit ups below parallel without a GHD? Probably, but a GHD is the best piece of equipment to do it. Back extensions and glute-ham raises are also easiest on a GHD. It's a limited piece of equipment but pretty vital if you want to do those exercises.

I'm wanting a reverse hyper too, but I don't want my home gym to become an equipment garden like the big box gyms. I must draw the line somewhere....
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