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Re: crossfit equipment advice

Jeff I'm going to echo the comments of some who have suggested to go lighter with the weight and make sure you first develop good form. I work with lots of new folks who are out of shape and come in to classes needing lots of scaling. We stick to light weight and simple movements and work on form and metabolic conditioning. Just going through the movements is quite taxing for most of them for a month or so. At your size, you will already be moving lots of weight with wall balls, slam balls, air squats, any body weight movement. You won't need lots of extra weight for awhile. I'd error on the side of going light with your purchases for now. Maybe a 35# KB and a 15# or 20# slam ball.

Remember that your strength work will be primarily with your already existing weights. The KBs and slam ball will be primarily for metcons where you are focused on power production not strength. You don't need lots of weight to produce high power and will have ample room to progress by first getting your form down then speeding up the movement. Way too many athletes want to do Rx weights, which is usually programmed for regionals level athletes and is way to heavy for them for a metcon, and their progress is slower.
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