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Re: My day with Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage (Westside 4 Athletes)

Originally Posted by Brian Diez View Post
Congrats on the competition, Dave. Any tips on how to up my intensity?
I like loud music and loud encouragement from lifting partners, but don't have that often these days so have to rely on my inner drive (and caffeine sometimes, haha).

One thing to keep in mind is that mental focus is something you can get better at like anything else with practice. You've got to practice ditching all the BS from your day and focusing. Don't be thinking about your girlfriend, your job, school, or whatever. Focus on that next rep. That next set. Maybe you need to get mad. Maybe you need to give yourself little pep talks: "Are you gonna let that weight beat you? Are you gonna do some pansy *** few reps and then quit? HELL NO!" Learn what you gotta do the do what you gotta do.
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