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Re: My day with Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage (Westside 4 Athletes)

Originally Posted by Tripp Young View Post
Huge thanks to Coach Scarpulla for yet another inspiring seminar at CrossFit Durham! We all learned a lot, moved big weight, put up huge PRs, and went places mentally where we've never gone before. This was my third seminar with Coach Scarpulla, and I keep learning more every second I spend with him. The weights keep moving up, the level of what I expect of myself keeps getting raised, and the mental focus and intensity continues to get dialed in. I am honored to call him Coach.
Well put, Tripp!

I met Tripp last year at an Ultimate Advantage Seminar and saw him again this weekend when I made it up to CrossFit Durham this past week for Day 2 of Rick's Seminar. It was fantastic! As usual, the intensity Coach Scarpulla brings is amazing! And even having been to the seminar before I still saw and learned new stuff. Everyone walked out of there pumped up to get stronger and better!

Rick's now helping me prepare for my first strongman competition at the end of this month. I think it will go really well! The variety used in my UA program has made the transition to strongman movements very easy.
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