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Larry Lindenman
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I think your biggest problem, as you have stated, is: If I know I'm going to do Fran twice. The first time through, I'm going to be dogging it (like it or not), the second time I will burn through, because I know I don't have to leave anything in the tank. I guess you could hide the salesman guy. Run your regular workout and randomly pull participants for the test. When they first came in, I'd tell them it's a testing day and would push them as hard as possible. When their done, lying in a pool of sweat, I'd then pick a random group, offer them free T-shirts, cool em' down and back at it. Might get different results this way. If your training other things, in addition to the WOD...which we all do (gymnastics, o-lifting, power lifting, rowing, MA, etc.) this thing may have some utility...and for Eugene, I have to much$$$$$?
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