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To all you brainiacs out there:

We had an interesting opportunity presented to CF Ann Arbor today. A rep from AVAcore Technologies came by with three of their devices to test. The idea is that rapid cooling will enhance recovery and performance. So, with much skepticism I indulged them.

The testing was back to back Frans with approximately a 3:00 recovery time in between. (To use the device) The Frans we did were scaled down to accommodate the limitations of the athletes and equipment. (Dumb bells vs. barbell and assisted pull up vs. unassisted.) The loads were not as prescribed. The people are not yet able to handle full load so we scaled. CrossFit is scaleable!

The results were interesting enough to warrant further testing. Go to our blog and look at the table for results. (I couldn't get it to upload here) T1 is first Fran Time, T2 is restart time and T3 is final time. The second fran time is the difference. The delta is how much longer it took them to do the second fran.

Two of the initial participants had nearly identical scores, while the second group’s times all increased by a substantial margin. (Bill in the first group got crushed in a workout yesterday so his second score suffered) This leads me to several questions:

1. Is more training better in this case?
2. Who has suggestions as to testing in CrossFit scenarios?
3. Do we get more NER from two Fran’s of equal intensity?
4. Does the break in the training (3-5 minutes) concur with our training modalities? (Hard and Fast)
5. How do you get the athlete to go 100% in the first instance, knowing they are going to do it again?

What do you guys think?
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