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Re: Doomsday Preppers

Originally Posted by Clint Harris View Post
Watching the best Doomsday Preppers at the moment.
Because there are 15 bases in GA, it is a high value state so the russians will attack by parachuting in. We'll be going about our daily business and all of a sudden, the sky will be filled with parachutes. Just like in Red Dawn. (Clearly, they'll use those stealthy AN-12s to transport 1000's of troops across the all of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean).
We'll know they are russian because they won't say y'all or drink sweet tea.
Asides from his 4 militia friends who run around in the backwoods popping off rounds at trees for tactical practice, and water-boarding each other to build up resistance (because they clearly have tactical knowledge that the russians will desire), part of the defense is to build a trojan horse. A small propane tank in the ground. Not sure why, I guess it's sot he can hide in it then pop his head out every now and pick one of those pesky russians off.

There's also some Texans building a Noah's Ark (life boat). It's less entertaining but a grown man is crying because he messed up and won't be allowed on the Ark when the flood comes. Watch out for the barbed-wire booby traps and claymore mines protecting their life-boat. I'm not sure what Catfish's role is - an old guy in a cowboy suit with 2 teeth in his head - I can't understand him and there's no sub-titles.

I love yocals. They are so entertaining.
I must say for a while there I used to watch it every week on the Discovery Channel purely for the shear entertainment factor

It also feels good knowing that there is always someone who is more ****ed up then you are
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