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Well, believe it or not, it's new from Concept 2. No discount. It is the only major (over $100) item that I have that wasn't discounted, used or found...

There were several reasons I went that route.

I considered trying to make one. However, haveing seen the guts of the concept 2, I realized this would be tough. A simple rower could be made with rubber bands, a seat of wheels, and tracks for the wheels to follow. But this wouldn't be close to the real thing.

I considered one of the knock offs. There are several out there. Play it again has one for around $400. I was consired that the company might not be around in a few years, when you need a part. Concept 2 seems like a solid company. It would also be impossible to compare times. To at least give you an idea where you are.

Next, I considered a used one. The problem is, I've wanted one for years and have never seen one at any of the used stores locally. I've never seen one advertised around here. The reality is the used ones were going for no a lot less than new. Usually around $200=$300 less. I was skeptical of buying one and having it shipped site unseen (the main concern being the monitor imo). So driving to a town to buy one would eat a lot or all the savings.

There is also not a lot I want to add to my workout room and it is either low cost or I have designs in mind for it. I had the money. I was going to either put in into a concept 2 or new computer parts. Well, I figured in 5 years, I'll still be using the rower. In about 2 the computer would be parted out or a doorstop...

I'm real happy with the decision. I'm very impressed with the machine...
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