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Re: 5 Dos and Donts when setting up your affiliate - Your thoughts?

Here's a few more - I agree with the posts by James and Brendan
1) Create a culture/brand that reflects what you love and want to work out in. If you're hyper competitive - build a competitive gym with a competitive culture, if you're more the hippy chill out man kinda person, make a more chilled out environment. it comes down to being authentic - people can smell a fake from a mile away.
2) Offer a variety of membership options. Not everyone wants to CF 3 on 1 off, some (many) people prefer to train 2 or 3 x a week - give them that option.
3) Build your website as a way to attract new clients, and make sure it fits your market and clientele. IE if your market is primarily older professionals getting back in shape don't put up a black website with skulls and death metal playing =)
4) Focus on keeping the clients you have rather than on getting new ones all the time. Adding just 2 clients a week will give you more than 100 at the end of your first year if they all stay. Some affiliates near me loose over 10 per month. Treat people right, and focus on THEIR goals and be their friend.
5) Offer specialty classes, but only if you're passionate about them. For example, I love boxing and have done it for years, so we also have some boxing classes at my box, but I don't like dancing so I won't add zumba =) People love variety - and I've added a ton of members because I offer more options of what to do than other boxes in the area

1) teach early in the morning, mid day, and at night (a triple split) it will mess you up and you'll burn out and do a poor job of coaching, anything more than 1 split in a day tends to be really hard on the schedule.
2) partner with people if you can avoid it. It can work, I've tried a bunch of options, but it's always easier with 1 person calling the shots. You are better to hire a trainer than partner with another person. lots of friendships have been lost to business partnerships failing
3) sleep with clients - I can't believe how often this happens in the fitness industry. It will cause a ton of ill will and problems no matter how well you think it will turn out. (I'm sure there is an exception, but they are rare)
4) "build it and they will come" do your research first and know who your potential clients and market are.
5) Ignore Personal Training. PT is a very lucrative way to start your business and improve your coaching skills. Even in established gyms there is the potential to increase average client value and gross revenues by adding personal training options.
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