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MDUSA Comp & Gray Series Kettlebell Sale

If you've been sitting on your hands like me till the next sale for some heavier KB's... then you'll like this as much as I did about 10 mins ago.

Gray Series V3 WFS WFS

Pro Series V2 WFS WFS

Rep Fitness is a bit cheaper, but the same brand. Go with whomever. Also, I know I've debated with a few others here about the merits of buying the pro series over the gray/black... just the way it feels, the fact that it is steel, and it is a lot easier on your wrists. This is especially true with the lighter kettlebells. However, you pay a bit more... but given the sale, it was an easy choice for me. However, I've used kettlebells for years, and just like someone who has used barbells for years, you appreciate the finer quality differences.

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