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Re: Programming Advice

Originally Posted by Robert Hann View Post
Thanks for all the great feedback.

I think I'll take y'all's advice and switch to a 3 day GSLP. And once the linear progression slows, I'll dial it down to the 2 day GSLP to focus more on conditioning (but hopefully that'll be a few months down the line if everything goes as planned).

With the metcons, Andrew I'm curious about your comment of having doing the metcons on the same day as the strength training. I was hoping you could embellish a little more on them. What type of metcons (strength heavy? body weight exercises?)? How long? (<10 or 20 to 30 min range) What time of day works best? (metcon in morning/ strength in afternoon or vice versa?)

Once again, thanks for the advice!
i've been lifting mon, wed, fri and doing metcons tues, thurs with no issues. but thats just me. ive also been in the army for 13 1/2 years and my body is used to a lot of physical work. as for the workouts, i got the gslp 50 conditioning workouts to work out of, as well as a buddy of mine gave me a bunch of short, heavy metcons.
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