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Bill Starr's 5x5 heavy, light and medium days

I have been crossfitting on and off for about two years with several sabbaticals where I have been sucked back into LSD running, moving, and a month or two of not doing anything. During the last two years, it has become obvious that I need to get stronger, and about a month ago I decided to go on a dedicated strength program for the first time sense high school...about nine years ago.

I read several of Bill Starr's articles on the journal (wfs). His programing was easy to digest and targeted the three major muscle groups: shoulder griddle, back and legs and hips. He wants you to lift, Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday with five sets of five each day. Mondays are the heavy day, Wednesday is the light day (your last round on wed is your third round on mon), and Friday is the medium day (your last round on fri is your fourth on mon). The plan was to lift mon, wed, and fri with a quick meticon directly after, and depending on how I was feeling, a shortish work out on Tuesday and Thursday.

After a month into his program, I was starting to feeling beat down ( that may also have something to do with being deployed and my sleep cycle and diet not being optimal). I have only been working out three times a week because I feel like I need the extra recover days. So this past week I went on 5x3 routine. Here is my work out log its mostly wfs

So after all of that set up here, are my questions: 1) Should I stick with 5x5 three times a week because I have seen significant gains or 2) Should I go to 5x3 three times a week and try to mix in more meticons.

One final note, I should get home in about six weeks and will be rejoining a box so my adventure in trying to create my own programing will end...
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