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Re: sensation of water in my ear

First piece of advice is to fork out the $ for a visit to an ENT doc if you think you have a problem. There really could be all sorts of things causing it.

But, I had a very similar experience to yours and it was a build-up of earwax. I had been having worsening of my seasonal allergies for a few years (itching eyes, sinus congestion, etc.). Finally I began to get this sensation of fullness in my ear, like you said, it felt like there was water stuck in there and I had trouble hearing. I tried the earwax drops intermittently, tried rubbing alcohol to evaporate water, nothing worked. I finally had to go to an ENT and you wouldn't believe how much wax he got out, it was ridiculous.

Good news is, he gave me a pamphlet on ear care and while I have had a recurrence of this problem, by following the steps consistently for several days I had my ear cleared out again and didn't have to go back to him. This is what it said:

Get a dropper and use 3% hydrogen peroxide (found at drugstore) to put a few drops in your ear before getting in the shower. It should bubble down in your ear and loosen the wax.

In the shower, let some of the warm water spray to get down in your ear canal. The warm water softens the wax and the mechanical action of the water moves the wax out of the ear canal.

After the shower, put a few drops of plain rubbing isopropyl alcohol to pull the water out of the ear canal skin and help it evaporate to avoid a swimmer's ear infection. A few people are sensitive to the oils and by-products in the rubbing alcohol. The very best medicinal alcohol is sold at the liquor store as "Everclear" ethanol (pure grain alcohol).

Repeat for 3 or 4 nights in a row every two or three months, especially during the summer.

Good luck.
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