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Re: How to train the "softer" aspects of fitness

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
Do you mean to tell me that one of the great cities of the world has no neighborhood recreational sports leagues? No informal skateboarding/rollerblading/parkour groups? No pickup games in the park on weekends?

No, I'm not, but what I do mean to tell you is that at the moment I'm just interested in general fitness across all aspects, and to be honest don't really feel like taking up a new sport, although I am gonna do boxing in October once I get to university. Also I think it's quite an interesting theoretical exercise to consider how these skills might be developed in a broadly applicable manner. Been doing some throwing and catching drills in my warm-ups (e.g. throwing two tennis balls at a wall and then catching one in each hand, throwing one and then spinning before I catch it etc) because I think throwing and catching are some of the most universally applicable skills - more so than hand-balancing for example (I am doing a little bit of handstand work, but that's just because it looks damn cool).
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