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Re: How to train the "softer" aspects of fitness

Originally Posted by Terry Gibbs View Post
In throwing we look at hurdles, stepping over, and under, forward, backwards, sideways, also some hopping up onto boxes of various heights, sideways, forwards, with rotation, one legged, two legged, varations are endless, plus some do tumbling, tumbling combined with jumps etc etc.....and benefits are general not skill specific

HOWEVER ...when one of our Nat level throwers ..."Big Bad Bennie Haradine", (2nd last years Continetal Cup and world ranked 9th for the year..and yes that is how he is known) moved to Germany to live and trained with one of their major sports clubs, he found that everyone warmup up by playing soccer, the elete international level, jumpers, volley ball players, throwers etc etc (imagine 100kg women and 120-130kg men playing soccer) ....after he had been doing it for a while he understood why

this aspect of "fitness" can address mobilty, co-ordination, etc etc

good topic
English cricket team always warm up with soccer but they had to tone it down when a couple of players got injured!
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