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Muscle Mass at the expense of Bodyweight movements?

So recently, ive put on some muscle mass, and just a couple pounds of weight in general. Ive always been a bodyweight exercise person (specializing in, i mean), but ive noticed in a couple workouts that are gymnastics movements only, that my times have gone down. Now, all of my lifts have gone up, but my bodyweight movements (specifically pushups, but not just them. A little bit of endurance in squats also has gone down) have gone down. I have been doing heavy lifting 1-2 times a week for the past couple of months.

Is it normal for my bodyweight movements (endurance in them specifically, i guess) to go down, even though im still becoming more fit? People have told me that strength is my weak point, so ive been trying to improve that, but i still want to be always to just go up to any pullup bar, and b sure that I could just knock out 40 reps on the spot. Or drop and do 50-60 pushups.

Im not exacyly sure were im going with this, but any help would be appreciated. thanks
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