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Re: Crossfit WOD vs Affiliate WOD

Originally Posted by Joseph Nichols View Post
Except my coaches are level 1, 2, CFFB, NSCA, and USAW level 1 certified
And I am not knocking your coaches, but I am sure Nicole and probably even Dave are level 3 as well but I would not go to either for programming. I would go to someone like Pat Sherwood, Jeff Martin, Dan John, Andy Stumpf and OPT. And a few of the Certs you listed have some skill and question testing but not PROGRAMMING testing. I have my USAW 1 and my CF Level 1, my CF Barbell cert and CF OLY cert and RKC. I however do not consider myself good enough to create programming for anyone. I thinking coaching CrossFit and its movements are completely seperate than programming for CrossFit or any sport for that matter.

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