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Re: Jason's Workout Log


Rest day, watched the world junior hockey final as well. Got 7 hours of sleep as well which helped, previous nights 5,5 not good.

Dynamic warm up...


65 pull ups
65 push ups
65 sit ups
65 squats


Last one was Rx'd at 21'54", my pace tonight was similar but I am easing back to the MP for at least a couple of cycles to get my body aclimatized again after my SS cycle. Body weight is holding steady around 170 lbs, so I did more "work" per se with an extra 20lbs to move. Next time as Rx's, and I'll be interested to see my time. Also I think Imight be able to hit one of my training goals early this year. Crossfit Winnipeg is having a Paleo challenge and I think I will do it. They are my pseudo-affiliate and it'll be nice to have support. Haven't convinced the wife.....yet.

Hockey again tomorrow, maybe I'll take a crack at Mary w/ 15 min as the time frame, maybe not...we'll see.
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