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Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
I'll take Griffin by majority opinion. He'll be looking to prove 1) he can beat Tito, and 2) he's got more game than he showed when he got KTFO by Silva... The problem will be that he'll be doing a lot of running so he doesn't take one on the chin... thus the majority decision.
Well I already stated my allegiance to the Huntington Beach Bad boy. I've been a fan and watched him from the very beginning of his MMA career. I just hope his heart is still in it. After all him and his wife have to be multi-millionaires so I hope he has the drive in him to train and fight hard. I think he will be back and badder than ever. Fighting and training are like an addiction. I don't think it matters if you are rich or not. As a matter a fact if I didn't have to go to a day job I would train 10x more.
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