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Re: Vanessa's1st Crossfit Journal

Originally Posted by Brady Herrin View Post
Heh, ChuckFit...
LOL. It's working out pretty good so far. Chuckfit that is. :-)

Nick, thanks!

"ChuckFit" Day 1 and 2

Yesterday was the first official day of "ChuckFit" and my efforts to get stronger and hopefully acquire some gymnastics skills I haven't really ever concentrated on (muscle-ups and HSPUs).

Day 1:
Pre-class workout
Full clean and jerks
Worked up to a heavy single of 125. Not a max just making sure I don't lose any ground here. Pretty pleased with 125. I know that ties an old PR and went up pretty easily.
Bench press

After class workout:
Tabata pushups
15,8,4,3,3,4,4,4= 45
Tabata Pullups
10,9,10,6,6,4,6,4= 55

Day 2
Day 2

Really getting sore and tight in my chest and shoulders from yesterdays tabata work so I stayed light
Singles at 65 working on technique

Dynamic Effort Squats

Went really low in the last half of the sets. We're hoping this will help with squat cleans, snatches, front squats etc. and of course making my back squat stronger (duh).

Tabata Squats:

Tabata butterfly, abmat, unachored situps:

Cheat meal goodness! Good for strength gains AND fat loss. :-)

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