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Re: Does that CrossFit make women big?

Originally Posted by Craig Massey View Post
TM: How much of this business is about being a "people person" and speaking the right language?
AC: It's irrelevant how much physiology you know if you don't have your psychology down.
A few years ago, an employee had a female client who told him she didn't want to get "too big." He told her, "You don't need to worry about that because of Testosterone, IGF-1, growth hormone, blah blah blah."
What that female client heard him say was, "**** your idea." She had a genuine concern. She didn't know about hormones. He was belittling her concern. It's actually insulting to someone.
So what I usually say in those situations is, "I understand. 'Too big' is a relative term. What I think is too big and what you think is too big could be different. So I'd like you to bring in a picture of what you want to look like and a picture of someone who's a little too big. And I will guarantee that my results are exactly what you're looking for."
Now, I'm not lying to this client. I'm just building a relationship. I'm speaking her language and I'm starting to get her to buy in that I'm her coach and I'm there to help her.
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Yeah, that.

I will say:

I put on weight during CF. Maybe half of it was muscle; the other half was fat from having more stress than I could deal with. The muscle I liked; the fat I didn't. And it was the metcons that stressed my body more than the heavy weights.

Some women put on more muscle than others. Some women like that look and some don't. I've been doing a low level of training over the winter and I really miss the muscles I used to have more of.

CF isn't for everyone. If you've got clients who are afraid of "bulking up" more than they want to kick ***, crossfit is probably not their best choice.
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