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Re: Am I paying way to Much

I spoke with one of my former clients from my time when I was a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. She said that it's almost $1000 for ten sessions with a personal trainer there now. That's on top of her $50/per month membership fee. If you're going to an affiliate, you're not just paying to use their equipment, you're paying for coaching. At a globo gym they could charge you $100/month just to use the equipment with no coaching included whatsoever. If you can't afford $100/month right now (I can't either) I suggest building a home gym slowly with as much homemade equipment as possible. That's what I'm doing until our financial situation improves. Sandbags, rings, kettlebells, and PVC pipes filled with sand are all I have in my garage. I have to make substitutions due to equipment often, but at least I'm still getting a great workout, a much better workout than I ever got at 24 Hour Fitness.
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