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Removing Rust From Plates

Many of us scour Craig'sList for used equipment. Much of the stuff hasn't been taken care of and is covered in rust. Never fear, there is a simple way to fix that problem. Coca-Cola!
Restoring Weights
I found this abondoned set of rusty dumbbells in a garage. The first thing I did was get them under a hose and clean the gunk off of them with a wire brush. I then quickly dried them off with a towel and then I placed them in a turkey pan where I covered them with Coca-Cola - yes. Coca-Cola. I left them in the Coke for four days and swished them around once a day. When I took them out, I put them under a hose and washed off all of the rust using a wire brush. The rust came right off. Then I quickly dried them off and sprayed them with WD-40.

My next step will be to paint the plates as shown below.

- Shenandoah
Stolen from: (wfs)

The following is a video showing a person removing rust from an old iron key using Coke: (wfs)
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