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Re: T-nation article

Originally Posted by Daniel Gam View Post
i don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but what did you guys think about the T-nation article's assessment of crossfit
Quite honestly, this article is legit and scores on most of its key points. Crossfit is legitimately about community built on a foundation of intensity and scalability. Its program is unanimously defined as GPP. It's exceptionally difficult and it works.

That said, the CrossFit community is massive and often disconnected, other than through the main site portal. Quality control can be an issue but this is not a fault of HQ. (CrossFit can also accurately be said to have educated more people about safety and technique than almost any other fitness community currently active.)

CrossFit's claims about hypertrophy are unreasonable and based on untenable or straw man assumptions. Also, despite CrossFit's continual efforts to educate the public about Rhabdomyalisis, the clowning of the issue (which might originally have been an appropriate inside joke, but is no longer) is a continual source of embarassment.

This article does a credit to T-Nation in my opinion.