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Re: The Mutation from Man to Machine...


New Speed Cable Jump Ropes came in today... Yippee!


-15 Minute Jump Rope Training

Push Press 3x3
3 - 160#
3 - 180#
3 - 180#

These felt heavy... I did my best to move up from 180#, but just couldn't do it today...

25 - Abmat Unanchored Sit-Ups

Hang Power Cleans 5x5
5 - 125#
5 - 145#
5 - 145#
5 - 145#
5 - 145#

My form is getting much better on these. I kept the weight at 145# to keep my form tight. These felt better then ever...

-15 Minute Jump Rope Training

5 Rounds:
10 - Double Unders
25 - Ring Push-Ups, Feet Elevated 24"

Time - 13:03

Today was my first day to really experience a jump roping session. I've done a small amount of jump roping in the past when I used to box more, but today was the first hardcore jumping day.

Needless to say... I was smokin' those Double Unders!!! My last round I hit 10 consecutive DU's... Considering the fact I have never really done these, I think that's great. I have some natural jump roping skills... Bout' time I found something I'm good at

On to the next day...
The Mutation from Man to Machine...
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