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Re: 30 day: burpee to pull up challenge (+2 a day)

Originally Posted by Matt DeMinico View Post
That 100-day burpee challenge is nuts. I've got a few guys doing it, but no way on God's green earth you're going to see me trying that, especially during the speedskating season. I mean, that's just asking to get overtrained... heck, even at like day 60, that's 60 burpees one day, 61 the next day, 62 the next day, 63, 64, 65... no rest days, just do it. Then heck, you get to 90, 91, 92, 93...?

The human body needs rest to get better, not just a continuous stress.
I'm with you Matt. I dropped out for the same reasons. It's just asking for an injury (low back or shoulder). Burpee to Pull-up is a maybe though.
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