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Re: Official TypePad Users Thread

Go to any site that has the journal logo (they were available in basecamp but I don't see there here anymore) We have the blue one but they were available in black and white, too. (you can get the blue one from us at and the black with white writing from right click it and "save picture as" Save it to someplace where you can find it easily.

Now in typepad, sign in, go to Control Panel, Files, Upload New File, browse, and click on the image you just saved (and can find easily, remember?)

It will appear on the list of the left, click the little chain link picture to get the "link" for the image.

You'll use the "link" info to add the image to a typelist (go to control panel< typelists for this, add it to a new list or an existing one,

the title will look something like(including the < and >) <img src="">

The url will be:

and you can add whatever suits you to the "notes" box

save it and then you'll need to move it to where ever you want it on your main page by using weblogs<design<select content and then order content.

DOes that answer your question? Let me know if I can clarify, I'm not very good at this stuff but seem to muddle through it somehow.

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