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Maneesh Sud
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Im in Toronto as well.
So far I havent found any deals locally on bars except the DHS Bars offered at the Toronto Weightlifting School
and the Hampton Bars from Advantage Fitness in Markham.

But I would recommend buying an AMERICAN made bar and just paying the shipping costs. It will be around $50 to ship from America to Canada, and if its american made and not from overseas the duty charges will be reduced. You will still pay an importing fee.

So consider the Pendlay Bar! The shipping wont cursh you THAT much, and everyone raves about it so its likely better than anything you will get around here. Canada has poor selection.

Allison foreman at York also offers a Bar that many have said is great at $210. Same deal. $50 shipping. Not sure if the bar is made overseas or not. To compare there is a dealer (I forgot where, but you can contact the York Supplier in Ontario) that sells the Same Bar for 449+tax. Everything you will buy in Canada has already been jacked up by retailers because of importing fees, oil prices etc. So deals are hard to come by.

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