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Re: Those who use very little carbs and high fat

Very true aerobic exercise and anarobic exercise are very different and the preferred source of energy for anarobic is fed from stored glycogen. The body can only store X amount of glycogen and that only varies slightly from person to person due to their size.You can not force your body to store more in your liver or muscles once they are to load capacity. Even subjects that have been on a fasted diet for extended weeks at a time, consuming zero carbs or calories and only water( never recommended), have been shown to still have up to 70% of their glycogen storage remaining.

However, if your body is conditioned to use fat for your primary fuel source during aerobic exercise(ketogenic) it will spare your stored glycogen for sprints or anaerobic exercise. If you are not fat adaptive your body will not switch this back and forth between burning fat and burning glycogen it will simply use stored glycogen first and you will have to continually try and keep it full by injesting more sugar if you do not keep up you will experience "bonk" or hitting the wall.

Link WFS

To the OP I would never recommend anyone that one way of eating is the right way. Try differnt things and see what works best for you then stick with it. As for Macro's and eating VLCD you will need to greatly increase your fat intake up to as much as 70 to 80% of your intake.
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