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Re: How does my list look? Affiliate for 6 people classes

Originally Posted by Mike Doehla View Post
So I'm approved but have to pick another name. Kind of crappy but oh well. I wanted CrossFit Newburgh and figured if get it since 3 other local boxes have the town names, one of which opened about 2 months ago.
Hey Mike, I had the same thing happen to me: passed L1, essay approved, denied my name. But, it happened that I like the new name/image my second name has and I'm much happier with it!

So, have you heard from HQ yet about a new name? How are your classes going so far? Gaining any new members? Any thoughts/feedback on men's vs. women's bar weights?

I was coaching at an affiliate last year and when it closed I purchased all the gear to outfit my (soon-to-be) garage affiliate, so I didn't have much choice in the gear I got. The difference in weight never seemed to be a problem there, but the idea of a 35# bar seems like a great one for those not accustomed to the larger bars. Any thoughts?
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