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Hands and Burns

Just a few quick questions I have. Any and all advice is helpful!

So my hands get beat up pretty badly during the crossfit wods, as do everyones. I chalk up, and sometimes tape up to prevent rips, and of course sometimes that doesn't help either. My hands have callouses in my "problem areas" on my hand, which is good. So i ripped last week and i was letting it heal: cleaning it and putting anti-bacterial ointment on it, etc, the usual stuff I always do. This one part of my hand, underneath the base of my ring finger, is healing more odd that usual though. It hurts to touch, becomes itchy, and still stings under running water. This is not typical for my hands as my usual rips don't continue to do this after a week, and I didnt rip extremely badly either. A few days ago, what I call an "earthquake" happened on the rip site, you know when the little slit in the middle of your rough skin appears, sort of like a bad paper cut. Any advice on how to get rid of this the fastest way possible? I have had them before and they usually heal faster, I do think it is effecting my performance during pull-ups, muscle-up, toes to bar, etc. Hopefully I explained that well enough, if not I''m sure it will heal eventually if I continue to treat it, and hopefully it isn't/won't get infected.

My other question involves a burn I acquired today during the workout "White", which involves rope climbs. I got a pretty bad and large burn on the back of my leg, worse than any I have ever gotten. I have already cleaned it when I took a shower, which hurt like hell. After a few hours, it still hurts to the touch and I have put some aloe liquid on it from a plant I have in my house. Any other home remedies for this burn?

Thank you very much for your time and help!
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