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Re: Simplified mobility WOD?

Originally Posted by Nicholas Wheeler View Post
So I made the spreadsheet - it links episodes 1-365 in one convienent location. I'm still working on the calendar portion, the formula used in excel isn't converting well into Google Drive

MWODs 1-365 on a Spreadsheet (WFS)

Hopefully this helps someone just starting mobilityWOD, I'm hoping to do one a day. If you download this spreadsheet to your computer, you can change the dates/edit it how you want.

This is all readily available information no KStarrs site, but I just wanted it all at one glance, makes my life a TON easier versus having to hunt it down everytime. Now I open up the sheet, find the date, go to town.

Going through his site I noticed the following
Missing numbered MWODs - 196, 287, 288
Duplicated MWODs 168, 169, 303

Still works out to 365 MWODs, just was a weird numbering thing. I didn't have the motivation to scour the comments or anything for an explanation.
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