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Re: What is your #1 strength training question?

Originally Posted by Matt Thomas View Post
My deadlift sucks giant hairy monkey balls. Especially in relation to my squat.

My thought behind this is two fold. I am a high bar quad dominant squatter so maybe my hamstrings and lower back are under developed. Second, I think my arms are fairly short so I might have bad leverages for the deadlift.

What proportions does the sumo style best suit? Should I try this or do you think I'm just not putting enough work into getting weak areas up?

BW = 185
HT = 5'9"
back squat = 425
deadlift = 380 - 405 depending on how I feel that day.

I know it's not a lot of information to go on, but thanks for any advice.
If you have short arms the sumo style would likely be best for you as it limits the ROM for the upper body.

Based on your squatting style your lower and mid back are probably relatively weak. Good mornings would be a good accessory movement for you.
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