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Mark Williams
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Wednesday - no training, got out of work late and was just video session at football.


1x5 @ 80kg
1x5 @ 100kg
3x5 @ 132.5kg (291.5lbs) - PR

Jammer Extensions
1x3 @ 50kg
1x3 @ 70kg
1x3 @ 80kg
1x3 @ 85kg
1x3 @ 92.5kg
1x3 @ 97.5kg
1x3 @ 102.5kg (225lbs) - PR

Unassisted Chins
2xfailure = 12/7

Going to keep at 132.5kg for squats, form was ok but any heavier and I wouldn't go deep enough. This is my best 5 at the moment.
Jammer Ext - ned to concentrate on the explosion, but still fairly snappy at the last set oday.
Chin - much better, I never used to be able to do more than 2 so a definate improvement.

day: 1 x apple, 1 x satsuma
night: 1 pizza, 1 bar chocolate, 2 cans 7 up

Bad diet, but had some good news and was celebrating. Back to basics again tomorrow and a good solid met-con I hope.

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